Midwives Act, 1944

Notices to be given to local supervising authority by midwives.

45.—(1) Where any midwife proposes to start practising in the district of any local supervising authority, she shall give notice to such local supervising authority of such proposal and of her residence.

(2) Where any midwife who has practised in the district of a local supervising authority during any year proposes to continue practising in that district during the next following year, she shall, during the month of January in the latter year, give notice of such proposal to such local supervising authority.

(3) Where any midwife attends any woman in childbirth in a district of a local supervising authority in which she does not ordinarily practise, she shall immediately give notice of the attendance to such local supervising authority, or if she is unable to give such notice immediately, shall give it not later than forty-eight hours after the attendance.

(4) Where any practising midwife changes her name or address, she shall give notice of such change to every local supervising authority within whose district she is practising.

(5) In addition to the notices specified in the foregoing sub-sections of this section, a midwife shall give to the local supervising authority for every district in which she practises such other notices as are specified in rules made under this Act.

(6) Every notice under this section shall be given in accordance with and in the form specified by rules made under this Act and, if any midwife fails to give as aforesaid any such notice, she shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding five pounds.