Insurance (Intermittent Unemployment) Act, 1942

Power to make regulations as to payment of contributions by stamps, etc.

24.—The Minister may make regulations providing for any matters incidental to the payment and collection of weekly contributions and in particular for—

(a) the payment of weekly contributions

(i) by means of adhesive or other stamps (in this Act referred to as supplementary insurance stamps) affixed to or impressed upon books or cards (in this Act respectively referred to as supplementary unemployment books and supplementary unemployment cards) or otherwise, and for regulating the manner, times and conditions in, at, or under which supplementary insurance stamps are to be affixed or impressed; or

(ii) by direct payments by the employers of insured persons to the Minister in such manner, at such times and under such conditions as the Minister may prescribe; or

(iii) by such other means as the Minister may by such regulations prescribe;

(b) the entry in or upon supplementary unemployment books or cards of particulars of weekly contributions paid in respect of any specified period or of such other particulars as may be required in the case of the persons to whom the supplementary unemployment books or cards relate, and for the acceptance of such entry as sufficient evidence of the number of weekly contributions so paid, or of the other particulars so entered;

(c) the application for, the issue, sale, custody, production and delivery up of supplementary unemployment books or cards and the replacement of supplementary unemployment books or cards which have been lost, destroyed or defaced;

(d) the rendering by employers to the Minister of such particulars relating to persons employed by them as the Minister may require or by such regulations prescribe.