Trade Union Act, 1942

Exemption in certain cases from requirement of holding negotiation licence.

3.—(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Act of 1941, a body which negotiates on a board in relation to which this section is applicable shall not, by reason only of so negotiating, be required to be the holder of a negotiation licence issued under Part II of the Act of 1941.

(2) In this section, the expression “board in relation to which this section is applicable” means any of the following bodies, that is to say:—

(a) a trade board established under the Trade Board Acts, 1909 and 1918,

(b) the Agricultural Wages Board,

(c) a committee established under the Agricultural Wages Act, 1936 (No. 53 of 1936),

(d) an apprenticeship committee established under the Apprenticeship Act, 1931 (No. 56 of 1931),

(e) a joint industrial council recognised by the Minister, a joint conciliation or arbitration board so recognised, or any similar body so recognised.

(3) A certificate of the Minister that a body is or is not recognised for the purposes of this section by him shall be conclusive evidence in all proceedings of the matters which it certifies.