Electricity Supply Board (Superannuation) Act, 1942

Power to the Board to pay supplementary allowances to certain elderly employees.

14.—(1) This section applies to every person who—

(a) is in the employment of the Board at the passing of this Act, and

(b) at such passing is not less than forty years of age, and

(c) pays contributions and is entitled to superannuation benefits under a superannuation scheme, and

(d) is not a person to whom the next following section applies.

(2) Where a person to whom this section applies retires from the service of the Board in such circumstances that he is entitled to a pension under a superannuation scheme and the (Board is of opinion that, owing to the age of such person at the passing of this Act, such pension is, having regard to all the circumstances, unduly small, it shall be lawful for the Board, if they so think fit, to grant and pay to such person (by way of addition to such pension) a supplementary allowance for his life of such amount as the Board shall think proper subject to the limitation that the aggregate amount of such pension and such supplementary allowance shall not exceed either of the following amounts, that is to say:—

(a) the amount of the pension to which such person would be entitled under the said superannuation scheme if ten years were added to the period of service on which his said pension under that scheme was calculated, or

(b) the maximum pension payable under the said superannuation scheme.