County Management (Amendment) Act, 1942


1.—(1) In this Act—

the expression “the Act of 1941” means the Local Government Act, 1941 (No. 23 of 1941);

the word “suspended” means that the members of the council, board, or other body, in respect of which that word is used are removed from office under Part IV of the Act of 1941 or are deemed by virtue of section 51 of that Act to be so removed, and cognate words shall be construed accordingly;

the word “commissioner” means a person appointed under section 48 of the Act of 1941 to be the commissioner or one of the commissioners for a suspended council, board, or other body;

the expression “existing commissioner” means a person who is a sole commissioner at the passing of this Act.

(2) Each of the following bodies, that is to say:—

(a) the corporation of a county or other borough,

(b) the council of a county,

(c) the council of an urban district,

shall be a rating authority for the purposes of this Act, and the expression “rating authority” shall, in this Act, be construed accordingly.

(3) For the purposes of this Act, the suspension of a council, board, or other body shall be deemed to continue until the date of the coming into office of the members of such body elected at an election held in pursuance of section 45 of the Act of 1941.