Cork City Management (Amendment) Act, 1941

Future extension of the Borough.

25.—(1) The Corporation may apply to the Minister for a provisional order under this section so extending the boundary of the Borough as to include in the Borough any specified portion of the county of Cork.

(2) Whenever the Minister receives an application by the Corporation under this section, he may, after holding a local inquiry in respect of the extension to which such application relates and after considering any representations made to him by the council of the county of Cork, either make a provisional order giving effect to the extension to which such application relates without modification or with such modifications (whether by way of increase or diminution) as he shall think proper or refuse such application.

(3) A provisional order under this section shall not have any effect unless or until it is confirmed by Act of the Oireachtas, but if and when so confirmed it shall have effect according to the terms thereof.

(4) A provisional order under this section may contain—

(a) provisions in relation to the transfer thereby effected of any area from, the county of Cork to the Borough similar to or to the same effect as the provisions contained in the Local Government (Dublin) Act, 1930 (No. 27 of 1930), relating to or rendered necessary by the transfer to the county borough of Dublin by that Act of the area therein referred to as the added rural area, and

(b) such provisions as the Minister shall think proper in relation to the adjustment of property, rights, and liabilities and the determination of financial and other matters between the Corporation and the council of any county, the alteration of electoral areas, and any other matter arising in consequence of the extension of the Borough effected by such order.