Local Government Act, 1941

Travelling expenses of county councillors.

80.—(1) Each of the following local authorities shall be a local authority to which this section applies, that is to say:—

(a) a council of a county,

(b) a joint committee of management of a district mental hospital, and

(c) a local authority in respect of which an order under sub-section (2) of this section is for the time being in force.

(2) The Minister may by order apply this section to any local authority and may at any time, either on the application of such local authority or without any application, revoke such order.

(3) Subject to the provisions of this section, every local authority to which this section applies shall defray the expenses of locomotion incurred by each of their members in travelling to and from meetings of such local authority.

(4) No person shall be paid under this section travelling expenses in respect of a meeting held at a place less than five miles by any route from his official residence.

(5) The amount of travelling expenses paid under this section to any person in respect of any particular meeting shall not exceed the amount which would reasonably have been incurred by such person in travelling from and to his official residence to and from the place of such meeting.

(6) Every member of a local authority to which this section applies shall, immediately after becoming such member communicate in writing to such local authority the address at which he ordinarily resides and such address shall be regarded as the official residence of such member for the purposes of this section.