Local Government Act, 1941

Reckoning of service in a temporary capacity.

78.—(1) In this section the expressions “pensionable officer” and “pensionable office” have the same meaning as in Part IV of the Act of 1925 and the expression “local body” includes every body which is a local body for the purposes of the said Part IV.

(2) Where a pensionable officer was, immediately before the commencement of his service as a pensionable officer, in the temporary employment of any local body and such employment would, if permanent, have been employment in a pensionable office, the Minister may, if he so thinks fit, direct that a specified part (not exceeding one half) of the period of such temporary employment shall be reckoned as service in a pensionable office and such part shall be so reckoned accordingly.

(3) For the purpose of removing doubts, it is hereby declared that sub-section (6) (repealed by this Act) of section 11 of the Act of 1923 applied to every officer of a local authority within the meaning of that Act.