Local Government Act, 1941

Provision of buildings, etc., for approved local councils.

73.—(1) The county council may provide a building for use by an approved local council for public and other meetings and for lectures, exhibitions, general recreation or other similar social objects and may entrust the care and management of such building to such local council either temporarily or permanently.

(2) The county council may purchase in fee simple or for any less estate or interest or take on lease for any term any land for or including a building to be provided under this section and for that purpose Part V of the Public Assistance Act, 1939 (No. 27 of 1939), shall apply as if such land were being acquired for the purposes of the powers and duties of a public assistance authority under that Act.

(3) The county council may assist an approved local council by supplying them with furniture, office equipment, and stationery and, where a building is provided under this section for use by such approved local council, by paying the whole or part of the wages of a person acting as caretaker of and performing cleansing and similar duties in relation to such building.