Local Government Act, 1941

Chapter II.

Provisions applicable to both major and other offices.

General Regulations in relation to offices and their holders.

19.—(1) The appropriate Minister may, for all or any of the following purposes, make regulations applying to all the offices in relation to which he is the appropriate Minister and their holders or to such of those offices as belong to a specified class, description, or grade and their holders, that is to say:—

(a) determining remuneration,

(b) regulating the payment and amount of travelling expenses,

(c) determining hours of duty,

(d) providing for records of attendance,

(e) regulating the granting of sick and other leave and the payment of remuneration during leave,

(f) requiring holders to give security for the due and proper performance of their duties and regulating the nature and amount of such security,

(g) prescribing the procedure to be followed by local authorities in making appointments otherwise than on the recommendation of the Local Appointments Commissioners and in obtaining candidates when proposing to make appointments as aforesaid,

(h) regulating continuance in and cesser of office,

(i) fixing periods, upon the expiration of which in relation to holders respectively, they shall cease to hold office unless they have theretofore satisfied or complied with specified requirements or conditions,

(j) providing, in case of holders being ill, absent, or incapacitated, for the performance by deputy of such of their duties as relate to the functions of a local authority.

(2) Without prejudice to the provisions of the next following sub-section of this section, every regulation under this section shall have the force of law in accordance with its terms in relation to the offices and holders of offices to which such regulation applies.

(3) The appropriate Minister may, subject to such conditions (if any) as he thinks proper, authorise a departure to be made in any particular case from any regulation under this section and thereupon it shall be lawful, subject to compliance with the said conditions (if any), to make in that particular case the departure so authorised.