Finance Act, 1941

Trades and businesses to which this Part of this Act applies.

6.—This Part of this Act applies to every trade or business carried on (whether continuously or discontinuously) in the State, either solely or in partnership with another person or other persons, by an individual resident in the State, excepting and excluding husbandry and any office or employment, and also excepting and excluding any profession the profits of which are dependent wholly or mainly on the personal qualifications of the person or persons by whom the profession is carried on and in which either no capital expenditure or only capital expenditure of a comparatively small amount is required, but including the business of a person taking commissions in respect of transactions effected or services rendered, and also including the business of an agent of any description other than a commercial traveller or other agent whose remuneration consists wholly of a fixed and definite sum not depending on the amount of business done or any other contingency.