Public Hospitals (Amendment) Act, 1940

Bureau committees.

3.—(1) Where a bureau is established under this Act in relation to two or more hospitals—

(a) there shall, by virtue of this paragraph, be established an advisory committee in respect of such bureau;

(b) such committee shall consist of a number of members equal to the number of such hospitals;

(c) each of the governing bodies of such hospitals shall, from time to time as occasion requires, appoint a person to be a member of such committee and notify the Hospitals Commission of such appointment;

(d) whenever the governing body of any of the said hospitals is required to appoint a member of such committee, the Hospitals Commission may, by notice in writing request such governing body to make such appointment, and if such governing body fails, before the expiration of fourteen days after the giving of such notice, to make such appointment and notify it to the Hospitals Commission, the Hospitals Commission shall inform the Minister accordingly, and the Minister shall appoint such person as he thinks fit to be a member of such committee, and the person so appointed by the Minister shall be deemed, for the purposes of this sub-section, to have been appointed by such governing body.

(2) The functions of every committee established under this section shall be to promote generally the efficiency of the bureau in respect of which such committee was established and to secure from the hospitals concerned full co-operation in the carrying on of such bureau.

(3) The Minister shall fix the tenure of office of the members of any committee established under this section.

(4) The Hospitals Commission shall provide a place of meeting for any committee established under this section and shall make such other provision as they think necessary for the proper functioning of such committee.