Unemployment (Relief Works) Act, 1940

Acquisition of land for certified work.

8.—(1) A local authority which is the executing authority in respect of a certified work may for the purposes of the execution of such work acquire, either by agreement or compulsorily, any land wherever situate.

(2) A local authority which is the executing authority in respect of a certified work consisting of the construction of a new road or the improvement of an existing road or partly of such construction and partly of such improvement may acquire any land either by agreement or compulsorily for the purpose of improving the frontage of such road or of facilitating or controlling the proper development of the land in the neighbourhood of such road.

(3) A local authority which has acquired any land under the immediately preceding sub-section of this section may, with the consent of the Minister, sell or let, by public auction or private treaty, in suitable lots and subject to appropriate conditions, any land so acquired.

(4) Every sum received by a local authority in respect of the sale or lease of land under this section shall be applied by such local authority firstly towards the cost of the acquisition of such land, secondly towards the expenses of the relevant certified work, and, as regards any balance remaining unapplied, for the purpose of the powers and duties of such local authority in such manner as they, with the consent of the Minister, think proper.

(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in this section, a local authority shall not acquire compulsorily under this section any land which is held or occupied by another local authority or by any body corporate for the purposes of a railway, tramway, dock, canal, gas, electricity or other public undertaking.