Minerals Development Act, 1940


2.—In this Act—

the expression “the Minister” means the Minister for Industry and Commerce;

the expression “the Land Commission” means the Irish Land Commission;

the expression “the Act of 1931” means the Mines and Minerals Act, 1931 (No. 54 of 1931);

the expression “land purchase annuity” means a land purchase annuity payable under the Land Purchase Acts to the Land Commission;

the word “rent” includes any periodical payment in the nature of rent;

the expression “royalty rent” means a rent calculated by reference to the quantity, price, or value of minerals gotten;

the word “surface”, when used in relation to land, includes any buildings, works, or things erected, constructed or growing on such land;

the word “working”, when used in relation to minerals, includes digging, searching for, mining, getting, raising, taking, carrying away, treating, and converting such minerals, and cognate words shall be construed accordingly;

the expression “exclusive mining right” means a right of working minerals vested in any person exclusive of any other person;

the expression “scheduled mineral” means any substance mentioned in the Schedule to this Act;

the expression “mineral compound” means any substance formed by the chemical combination of one scheduled mineral with any other such mineral;

the expression “mineral substance” means any substance of a similar nature to any scheduled mineral;

the word “prescribed” means prescribed by regulations made by the Minister under this Act.