Minerals Development Act, 1940

Claims for compensation for State acquired minerals.

17.—(1) Any person who claims to be entitled under this Part of this Act to compensation for State acquired minerals acquired by a minerals acquisition order may, at any time within two months, or such longer time (not exceeding altogether twelve months) as the Minister may in any particular case allow, after the publication in the Iris Oifigiúil of notice of the making of such order lodge with the Minister a claim for such compensation.

(2) No claim to compensation for State acquired minerals which is lodged after the period limited by the next preceding sub-section of this section shall be considered by the Minister.

(3) The following provisions shall apply and have effect in relation to every claim for compensation for State acquired minerals, that is to say:—

(a) such claim shall be in the prescribed form and shall be made and verified in the prescribed manner;

(b) such claim shall state—

(i) the nature of the applicant's interest in such State acquired minerals,

(ii) the situation, nature, and extent of the minerals in respect of which such interest exists,

(iii) all claims or encumbrances to which such interest is subject, and

(iv) such other particulars as may be prescribed;

(c) the person making such claim shall, if required so to do by the Minister, furnish to the Minister such information as he may require for the consideration of such claim.

(4) If any person, who is required under paragraph (c) of the immediately preceding sub-section of this section to furnish any information to the Minister, either wilfully or recklessly makes for the purposes of the claim to which such information relates, any statement which is false or misleading in a material respect, he shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds.