Acquisition of Derelict Sites Act, 1940

Form and effect of vesting orders.

6.—(1) Every vesting order by which a sanitary authority acquires any land shall be in the prescribed form and shall be expressed and shall operate to vest such land in such sanitary authority in fee simple free from incumbrances and all estates, rights, titles, and interests of whatsoever kind on a specified date not earlier than seven days after the making of such order.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in the immediately preceding sub-section of this section, where a sanitary authority has acquired by a vesting order land which is subject, either alone or in conjunction with other land, to a purchase annuity, payment in lieu of rent, or other annual sum (not being merely a rent under a contract of tenancy) payable to the Irish Land Commission, such sanitary authority shall become and be liable, as from the date on which such land is vested in them by such vesting order, for the payment to the Irish Land Commission of such annual sum or such portion thereof as shall be apportioned by the Irish Land Commission on such land as if such land had been transferred to such sanitary authority by the owner thereof on that date.