Exported Live Stock (Insurance) Act, 1940

Determination of claims for compensation and payment of compensation.

21.—(1) When a committee of assessors have investigated a claim for compensation under this Act they shall determine whether the claimant is or is not entitled to such compensation, and where such committee determine that such claimant is entitled to such compensation such committee shall fix the amount thereof.

(2) Every committee of assessors shall forthwith report to the Board their decision on every claim for compensation under this Act investigated by them and the amount (if any) of the compensation fixed by them as payable under this Act in respect of such claim.

(3) Where a committee of assessors report under this section to the Board that a claimant for compensation under this Act is entitled to such compensation, there shall be paid out of the Fund to such claimant the amount of such compensation as fixed by the said committee.

(4) The determination under this Act by a committee of assessors of a claim for compensation under this Act shall be final and conclusive both as to the right to such compensation and the amount (if any) thereof.