Exported Live Stock (Insurance) Act, 1940

Levies on exported animals.

16.—(1) The owner of each animal which is, on or after the appointed day, delivered to a shipowner for shipment from a port in the State to a British landing place shall pay, by means of levy stamps, in respect of such animal, to the Board a levy of an amount equal to the appointed percentage, at the time of delivery, of the declared value of such animal.

(2) The Minister shall, before the appointed day, and may thereafter whenever and so often as he thinks fit, make, after consultation with the National Executive, an order appointing a specified percentage to be the appointed percentage for the purposes of this section, and every order made under this sub-section shall remain in force until a subsequent order under this section is made and comes into force, and the reference in sub-section (1) of this section to the appointed percentage at the time of delivery shall be construed as a reference to the percentage fixed by an order under this sub-section in force at the time of such delivery.