Enforcement of Court Orders Act, 1940

Release of persons imprisoned for non-payment of money.

9.—(1) Where a person is in prison in pursuance of an order of a court made on account of the failure of such person to pay a sum of money, the Minister for Justice may, at any time and for any reason which appears to him sufficient, direct that such person shall be released either (as the said Minister shall think proper) forthwith or after payment of a specified part of the said sum of money.

(2) Whenever the Minister for Justice directs, under the next preceding sub-section of this section, that a person shall be released from prison, such person shall be released in accordance with such direction.

(3) The Minister for Justice shall not direct under this section the release from prison of a person until or unless either the said Minister has consulted the Judge or Justice by whom the order for the imprisonment of such person was made, as to the propriety of such release or the said Minister is satisfied that such consultation is impracticable in the circumstances.