Local Government (Dublin) (Amendment) Act, 1940



Appointments to the office of Dublin City Manager.

13.—(1) The office of city manager shall be an office to which the Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1926 (No. 39 of 1926), applies, save that section 5 of that Act shall not apply to the said office and that sections 6, 8, and 9 of the said Act shall apply to the said office subject to the provisions of the next following sub-section of this section.

(2) Whenever an appointment is required to be made to the office of city manager, the Minister shall request the Local Appointments Commissioners to recommend to him a person for appointment to such office and the Commissioners shall select (otherwise than by competitive examination) and recommend to the Minister under the Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1926 (No. 39 of 1926), one, and only one, person for such appointment, and thereupon the person so selected and recommended shall become and be appointed by virtue of such recommendation to such office as on and from such day as the Minister shall by order appoint in that behalf.

(3) Whenever the office of city manager is vacant, the Minister shall appoint a person to be city manager until an appointment to such office is made under the immediately preceding sub-section of this section.