County Management Act, 1940

Reception and examination of tenders.

28.—(1) Any council of a county or any elective body may, if and whenever it thinks fit, make regulations prescribing the procedure to be followed in regard to the reception and examination of all or any particular class or classes of tenders for the supply of goods, the execution of works, or any other thing for which such council or body may lawfully have invited the submission of tenders.

(2) All regulations made under this section shall be subject to the approval of the Minister and no such regulation shall be of any force or effect unless or until it has been so approved.

(3) Whenever and so long as any regulations made by the council of a county or by an elective body under this section are in force, all tenders to which such regulations apply received by such council or body (as the case may be) shall be received and examined in accordance with the procedure prescribed by such regulations.