County Management Act, 1940

Estimate of expenses of an elective body.

23.—(1) Every manager for an elective body shall, for each local financial year, cause to be prepared during the prescribed period and in the prescribed form an estimate (in this Act referred to as an estimate of expenses) showing the amounts which, in his opinion, will be necessary to meet the expenses and provide for the liabilities and requirements of such elective body during the local financial year then next ensuing.

(2) Every estimate of expenses prepared in pursuance of this section shall be considered by the elective body to which it relates at a meeting (in this Act referred to as an estimates meeting) of such elective body at which the manager for such elective body shall be present and which shall be held at the prescribed time (whether prescribed generally for all elective bodies or for the class of elective bodies to which the said elective body belongs or for the said elective body in particular and whether so prescribed generally for all years or in particular for the relevant year only) and of which not less than seven days' notice shall have been given to every person who is a member of the said elective body when such notice is given.

(3) Not less than seven days before the day on which an estimates meeting of an elective body is to be held, the manager for such elective body shall—

(a) deposit in the office of such elective body a copy of the estimate of expenses which is to be considered by such elective body at such estimates meeting, and

(b) send a copy of the said estimate of expenses to every person who is, on the day before the commencement of the said seven days, a member of such elective body, and

(c) give public notice in the prescribed manner of the fact that such estimate of expenses had been made and that a copy thereof had been deposited as aforesaid.

(4) Every copy of an estimate of expenses which is deposited in pursuance of this section in the offices of an elective body may be inspected free of charge by any member of the public at any time at which such offices are open for the transaction of official business, and the manager for such elective body shall supply to every person making application therefor a copy of such estimate of expenses at the price of one shilling per copy.