Public Assistance Act, 1939

Commencement of compulsory acquisition order.

70.—(1) Every compulsory acquisition order which is not wholly annulled by the High Court under this Part of this Act shall (subject and without prejudice to any partial such annulment) come into operation in accordance with whichever of the following paragraphs is applicable, that is to say:—

(a) if an application is made under this Part of this Act to the High Court for the annulment (whether complete or partial) of such order, on the final determination of such application, or

(b) if no such application is so made, on the expiration of three weeks from the first publication by advertisement of notice of the confirmation of such order by the Minister.

(2) As soon as may be after a compulsory acquisition order comes into operation, the public assistance authority by which such order was made shall give a copy of such order to every person to whom notice of the making of such order was given in pursuance of this Part of this Act.