Public Assistance Act, 1939

Certification of schools.

47.—(1) Upon the application in writing of the managers of any school, other than a national school or a reformatory school, the Minister—

(a) may, if he so thinks fit, appoint a fit person to examine into the condition of such school and report to him thereon, and

(b) may, if on the consideration of such report he so thinks proper, certify in writing that such school is fit for the reception of children sent to a certified school under this Act and also certify the total number of children or the total number of children of each sex for the reception of which such school is so fit.

(2) Where the Minister has given a certificate under the next preceding sub-section of this section in respect of a school, the Minister, if at any time thereafter he is dissatisfied with the condition or management of such school, may by notice in writing given or sent to the managers of such school cancel such certificate as from a day specified in that behalf in such notice and not less than two months after such notice is given or sent to such managers.

(3) The following provisions shall have effect in relation to every school in respect of which a certificate given by the Minister under this section is for the time being in force, that is to say:—

(a) an inspector appointed by the Minister may at any time visit and inspect such, school and make such examination of the condition and management of such school and the state and treatment of the children therein as he shall consider requisite;

(b) whenever an inspector visits and inspects such school under the next preceding paragraph of this sub-section, he shall report to the Minister the result of such visit and inspection and of any examination made by him in the course thereof;

(c) any public assistance authority which has sent a child to such school may, at any time while such child is in such school, appoint a suitable person to visit such school, and such person may visit and inspect such school accordingly;

(d) the managers of such school shall permit and give facilities for every such visitation, inspection, and examination as is authorised by any of the foregoing paragraphs of this sub-section.

(4) A school in respect of which a certificate given by the Minister under this section is for the time being in force is in this Act referred to as a certified school, and the expression “certified school” shall, in this Act, be construed accordingly.