Public Assistance Act, 1939

Dispensary districts.

40.—(1) Every dispensary district existing in any public assistance district immediately before the commencement of this Act shall be a dispensary district for the purposes of medical assistance under this Act.

(2) The Minister may, whenever he so thinks proper, by order vary in such way as he shall think proper the division of any public assistance district into dispensary districts and, in particular, may increase or reduce the number of dispensary districts in a public assistance district.

(3) Whenever the Minister makes under this section an order varying the division of a public assistance district into dispensary districts, he may, by the same order, make provision for such (if any) transfer of officers as is in his opinion rendered necessary or expedient by such variation.

(4) The Minister may by order make regulations for the government of dispensary districts and for the administration of medical assistance in such districts, and it shall be the duty of every public assistance authority to manage every dispensary district in their public assistance district and to administer medical assistance in every such dispensary district in accordance with such regulations.