Public Assistance Act, 1939

Provision of district institutions.

31.—(1) Every public assistance authority shall provide and maintain within their district such and so many (if any) homes, hospitals, and other institutions (in this Act referred to as district institutions) and at such places as the Minister shall from time to time by order direct and shall not provide nor (save as is otherwise provided by this section) maintain any other home, hospital, or other institution.

(2) Every public assistance authority shall, as and when the Minister by order so directs—

(a) restore, alter, or enlarge in accordance with such order any district institution maintained by such authority,

(b) provide in accordance with such order new, improved, or additional drainage, ventilation, water supply, lighting, heating, or any other service for any district institution so maintained,

(c) provide and maintain in any district institution so maintained all such fixtures, fittings, furniture, surgical and medical appliances, and other conveniences as shall be directed by such order.

(3) Unless and until the Minister otherwise orders, every home, hospital, or other institution which is, at the commencement of this Act, maintained by the authority charged with the administration of the relief of the poor in any area which is by virtue of this Act a public assistance district shall be deemed to have been provided under this section by the public assistance authority for such public assistance district and shall be a district institution within the meaning of this Act and shall be maintained by such public assistance authority accordingly.

(4) A public assistance authority shall not erect or restore, enlarge, or otherwise alter any district institution except with the prior consent of the Minister and in accordance with the directions (if any) given by the Minister with his said consent.

(5) Save as is required or authorised by this section, no public assistance authority shall provide or maintain any home, hospital, or other institution.