Public Assistance Act, 1939

Contracts of public assistance authorities.

17.—(1) The Minister may by order make regulations in relation to the entering into and making of contracts by public assistance authorities.

(2) All contracts made by a public assistance authority shall be entered into and made in accordance with regulations made under this section and for the time being in force, and every contract entered into or made by a public assistance authority otherwise than in accordance with such regulations shall, if the Minister so directs, be wholly void, and, unless or until the Minister gives such direction, shall be voidable at the option of any party thereto.

(3) Where a contract made or entered into by a public assistance authority is avoided under this section, whether by the Minister or a party thereto, all payments made by such authority or any officer thereof in purported pursuance of such contract after such contract has been so avoided shall, in the accounts of such authority or officer (as the case may be), be disallowed as being contrary to law.

(4) Nothing in this section or any regulation made thereunder shall prejudice or affect the application of the Local Authorities (Combined Purchasing) Act, 1939 (No. 14 of 1939), to public assistance authorities or the operation of that Act in relation to such authorities.