Land Act, 1939

Applications by sub-tenants of holdings to have particulars furnished.

53.—(1) A sub-tenant who claims to be entitled to a declaration by the Land Commission deeming him to be the tenant of the whole of a holding or of the portion thereof of which he is in occupation and alleges that particulars of this sub-tenancy have not been furnished to the Land Commission under sub-section (1) of section 40 of the Land Act, 1923 , and that the said holding on which or on portion of which he claims to have a sub-tenancy has not been included in any published list of vested holdings, may apply in the prescribed manner to the Land Commission for an order requiring the landlord or the tenant of the said holding to furnish to the Land Commission in accordance with the said sub-section the particulars of such holding and of the subtenancies thereon.

(2) Every application under this section shall be determined by the Lay Commissioners (other than the members of the Appeal Tribunal) subject to a right of appeal to the Appeal Tribunal.

(3) The decision of the Appeal Tribunal on an appeal under this section shall be final subject only to an appeal to the Supreme Court on questions of law.