Land Act, 1939

Power of Lay Commissioners to award costs.

17.—(1) In any proceedings heard and determined by Lay Commissioners, such Lay Commissioners may direct that the costs and expenses as measured by such Lay Commissioners or, where they so think proper, as taxed by a taxing master of the High Court, of any party to such proceedings shall be paid by another party thereto and such Lay Commissioners may also, on the application of such first mentioned party, issue an order for the levying of the amount (as so measured or taxed) of such costs and expenses together with the costs of obtaining such order.

(2) Every order made by Lay Commissioners under this section shall be executed by the under-sheriff in like manner as if it were an execution order within the meaning of the Enforcement of Court Orders Act, 1926 (No. 18 of 1926).