Tourist Traffic Act, 1939

Applications for renewal of registration.

29.—(1) The registered proprietor of any premises registered in a register may apply to the Board in the month of October or, with the consent of the Board, in the month of November in any year for the renewal of the registration of such premises as from the next following 31st day of December.

(2) Every application under this section for the renewal of the registration of any premises shall—

(a) be made in writing in the prescribed form and manner,

(b) contain the prescribed particulars,

(c) be accompanied by the prescribed fee, and

(d) be also accompanied by a statement (in this Act referred to as a scale of charges) in the prescribed form of the charges which the applicant proposes to make for rooms, meals, and services provided in such premises during the period while such registration, if it is renewed, will remain in force by virtue of such renewal.

(3) The fees prescribed for the purposes of this section may be so prescribed as to vary in amount according to the register in which the relevant premises are registered and according to any other matters which the Board thinks proper.