Air-Raid Precautions Act, 1939

Duty of scheme-making local authorities to prepare air-raid precautions schemes.

12.—(1) It shall be the duty of each scheme-making local authority to prepare and submit to the Minister as regards its functional area a scheme (in this Part of this Act referred to as an air-raid precautions scheme) in respect of the following matters, that is to say:—

(a) the protection (otherwise than in its capacity as an employer or as an owner of property) of persons and property from injury or damage in the event of attack from the air and for the minimising of such injury or damage;

(b) the extinguishment of fires likely to result from such attack;

(c) the designation of the authorities (including local authorities whose functional areas are wholly or partly within the functional area of such scheme-making local authority) and persons by whom the arrangements contained in such scheme are to be carried out

(2) Air-raid precautions schemes shall in particular contain provisions in respect of such matters as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Minister under this Part of this Act but the Minister may, as regards any particular scheme-making local, authority, exempt such authority from the duty to include in an air-raid precautions scheme prepared by it any matter so prescribed, and thereupon such authority shall not be required to include in such scheme provisions in respect of that matter.

(3) An air-raid precautions scheme shall, as soon as may be after the passing of this Act, be submitted by each scheme-making local authority in respect of all matters in respect of which it is required by the preceding provisions of this section to submit an air-raid precautions scheme for its functional area, and any scheme-making local authority may and shall, if so required by the Minister, prepare and submit separate air-raid precautions schemes in respect of any such matters.