Finance Act, 1939

Exemption in respect of certain profits from sweepstakes.

5.—(1) Exemption shall be granted from tax under Schedule D of the Income Tax Act, 1918, in respect of the profits of any sweepstake held under the Public Hospitals Act, 1933 (No. 18 of 1933), which, but for this section, would have been assessable under Case I of the said Schedule D on the organisers (within the meaning of the said Public Hospitals Act, 1933 ) of such sweepstake or on the sweepstake committee appointed in pursuance of that Act for the purpose of such sweepstake by the said organisers thereof.

(2) In this section, the word “sweepstake” has the meaning given to it by section 1 of the Public Hospitals Act, 1933 (No. 18 of 1933), for the purposes of that Act.

(3) This section shall be deemed to have come into force on and to have had effect as on and from the 6th day of April, 1933.