Town and Regional Planning (Amendment) Act, 1939

Decision by responsible authority on road plan.

23.—(1) A responsible authority shall make one of the following decisions on every road plan submitted to them, that is to say:—

(a) assent to such road plan without modification, or

(b) modify (whether by addition, omission, or variation) such road plan in such manner as such responsible authority shall think proper and assent to such road plan as so modified, or

(c) refuse to assent to such road plan.

(2) Where a responsible authority fails to make a decision under this section on a road plan before the expiration of—

(a) in case such responsible authority gives an affected land notice in respect to such road plan to any person, three months from the date of the submission of such road plan to such responsible authority, or

(b) in any other case, two months from the said date,

such responsible authority shall be deemed, to have decided on the last day of the said period of three months or two months (as the case may be) to assent to such road plan without modification.