Town and Regional Planning (Amendment) Act, 1939

Affected land notice.

22.—(1) Where a road plan is submitted to a responsible authority in respect of any land and such responsible authority is of opinion that the development of such land in conformity with such road plan would affect the development of any other land, such responsible authority shall give to the owner of such other land notice (in this Part of this Act referred to as an affected land notice) in the prescribed form of such road plan having been so submitted.

(2) Where an affected land notice is given by a responsible authority the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say:—

(a) such responsible authority shall permit the person to whom such notice was given to inspect (either personally or by an agent) the road plan to which such notice relates at all reasonable times during the prescribed period after the giving of such notice;

(b) such person may, during the said prescribed period, make in writing to such responsible authority such (if any) representations as he thinks proper in respect of such road plan;

(c) such responsible authority shall not make any decision under the next following section of this Act in respect of such road plan until the said prescribed period has expired and shall, in case such person makes any representations under and in accordance with the immediately preceding paragraph of this sub-section, have regard to such representations when making such decision.