Shannon Fisheries Act, 1938

Ex-gratia grants by the Board to certain persons.

10.—Whenever the Board is satisfied, on the application of any person, that such person—

(a) was engaged, by way of trade or otherwise for profit, in fishing in the waters of the River Shannon or was employed for reward by another person in such fishing, or was both so engaged and so employed, and

(b) has suffered loss of profits or loss of earnings by reason of any interference under the Shannon Electricity Act, 1925 (No. 26 of 1925), the Electricity (Supply) Acts, 1927 to 1935, the Principal Act, or this Act with the waters of the River Shannon or any fishery therein or fishing right thereover, and

(c) has not received and is not entitled to receive any such additional compensation as is mentioned in sub-section (3) of section 14 of the Principal Act or any compensation under section 15 of the Principal Act,

the Board may, if in their absolute discretion they so think proper, make to such person an ex-gratia payment of such amount as they think proper.