Statutory Declarations Act, 1938

Signing and attestation of statutory declarations.

2.—(1) Every statutory declaration shall be signed by the person making the same in the presence of the person before whom it is made and shall then be attested by the said person before whom it is made signing an attestation at the foot thereof in the form and containing the particulars set out in the form of statutory declaration in the Schedule to this Act.

(2) Save as is otherwise provided by this section, no person (in this sub-section referred to as the first-mentioned person) shall take or receive a statutory declaration from another person (in this sub-section referred to as the declarant) unless the declarant is personally known to the first-mentioned person or is identified to him by a person who is personally known to him.

(3) The next preceding sub-section of this section shall not apply to a person who is authorised by statute (whether passed before or after this Act) to receive and take statutory declarations from particular persons or a particular class of persons for the purposes of that statute, and accordingly, where any such statutory declaration is received and taken by a person so authorised, the words “who is personally known to me (or who is identified to me by C.D. who is personally known to me)” may be omitted from such statutory declaration.