Seanad Electoral (Panel Members) Act, 1937

The electoral roll.

38.—(1) The Clerk of Dáil Eireann shall, not later than, in the case of the first Seanad election, the 31st day of January, 1938, or, in the case of every subsequent Seanad election, three days after he has received all the returns to the writs for the relevant Dáil election, send to the Seanad returning officer a statement of the names, addresses, and descriptions of the members of Dáil Eireann who are entitled under this Act to be members of the electorate at such Seanad election.

(2) So soon as the Seanad returning officer has received from the Clerk of Dáil Eireann the statement in relation to a Seanad election mentioned in the next preceding sub-section of this section and has ascertained the result of all the elections of electors duly held in pursuance of this Act by councils of counties or county boroughs (including any elections by former members of any such council which is for the time being dissolved) in relation to such Seanad election, the Seanad returning officer shall prepare for such Seanad election an electoral roll containing the names, addresses, and descriptions of all the persons who appear from such statement and results to constitute the electorate for such Seanad election.

(3) Where a person is a member of the electorate for a Seanad election by virtue of more than one qualification, his name shall nevertheless be entered once only in the electoral roll for such Seanad election.

(4) It shall be lawful for the Seanad returning officer to make such inquiries and take such steps as he shall think proper for ascertaining the correct name, address, and description of every person whose name is required to be entered in an electoral roll, but no inaccuracy in the name, address, or description of any person in an electoral roll shall invalidate such electoral roll.

(5) The persons whose names are entered in an electoral roll shall be arranged in such roll in the alphabetical order of their surnames and, in cases of identity of surname, of their other names, and shall be numbered consecutively in that order.

(6) Every electoral roll prepared under this section shall be final and conclusive and not open to review by any court, and the persons whose names are set out in any such electoral roll, and no other person, shall be entitled to vote at the Seanad election to which such electoral roll relates.

(7) The death of a person whose name is entered in an electoral roll shall not prejudice or affect the validity or operation of such electoral roll, whether such death occurred before or occurs after the preparation of such electoral roll.