Seanad Electoral (University Members) Act, 1937

Ascertainment and declaration of result of election.

23.—(1) As soon as conveniently may be after the close of the poll at an election in a university constituency, the returning officer at such election shall, in the presence of such candidates and their respective agents as may be in attendance, ascertain the result of the election in accordance with this Act and in particular the rules contained in the Second and Third Schedules to this Act and shall declare to be elected the candidates who are so ascertained to be elected.

(2) The decision of the returning officer as to any question arising at an election in a university constituency on the ballot papers, the declarations of identity, or the envelopes containing the same or any other matter in relation to the issue, receipt, or counting of the votes shall be final, subject to reversal by a Court trying an election petition in relation to such election.