Seanad Electoral (University Members) Act, 1937

Ballot papers.

20.—(1) At every election in a university constituency the ballot of each voter shall consist of a paper (in this Act referred to as a ballot paper) containing a list of the candidates described by their names, addresses, and descriptions as stated in their respective nomination papers and arranged alphabetically in the order of their surnames and, in the case of the identity of surnames, of their other names.

(2) The ballot papers shall be in the prescribed form and each ballot paper shall have a number printed on the back thereof, and shall have attached a counterfoil with the same number printed on the face thereof, and every ballot paper shall at the time of the issue thereof be marked on both sides with an official mark either stamped or perforated.

(3) The surname of each candidate shall be printed on the ballot papers in large characters and their other names and their addresses and descriptions shall be printed in small characters, save that whenever the surnames of two or more candidates are the same there shall be printed in large characters (in addition to their surnames) the other names of such candidates and so much of the address or the description or of both the address and the description of each such candidate as will, in the opinion of the returning officer, effectively distinguish such candidate.