Seanad Electoral (University Members) Act, 1937

Withdrawal of candidates.

19.—(1) A candidate may, before one o'clock in the afternoon on the last day for receiving nominations but not later, withdraw from his candidature by delivering a notice to that effect, signed by him, to the returning officer.

(2) Where a candidate has been nominated while he is absent from Ireland, his proposer and seconder may, before one o'clock on the last day for receiving nominations but not later, withdraw such candidate by a written notice to that effect signed by them and delivered to the returning officer together with a written declaration of the absence of such candidate from Ireland.

(3) If, after the adjournment of an election by the returning officer for the purpose of taking a poll, one of the candidates nominated dies before the day for the issue of ballot papers, the returning officer shall, upon being satisfied of the fact of such death, countermand the poll and thereupon all the proceedings with reference to the election shall be commenced afresh and for that purpose the Minister shall by order appoint new days for receiving nominations and for the issue of ballot papers and a new day and hour for the close of the poll, but in such fresh election no fresh nomination shall be necessary in respect of any candidate who stood nominated at the time of the countermand of the poll.