Control of Prices Act, 1937


Display of Retail Price Lists in Retail Shops.

Recommendations as to the display of price lists in retail shops.

41.—(1) The Commission may make a report (in this Part of this Act referred to as a price list report) to the Minister stating that in their opinion it is desirable, in the public interest, that the Minister should make an order under this Part of this Act requiring every person who carries on the business of selling retail either (as may be specified in such report) at any place in Saorstát Eireann or, at particular places in Saorstát Eireann any specified kind or kinds (defined in such manner and by references to such things as the Commission think proper) of a specified commodity to display at the premises where such person carries on such business a list stating the retail price of each such kind of such commodity.

(2) A price list report may relate to more than one commodity.

(3) Every price list report shall specify—

(a) the reasons why the Commission consider it desirable that the order the subject of the report should be made;

(b) each kind of the commodity or commodities to which the proposed order should relate;

(c) the date on which the Commission recommend the proposed order should come into force and the duration of such order;

(d) the area to which the Commission recommend the proposed order should apply;

(e) the manner in which the Commission recommend that the proposed order should require the price list to be displayed.