Army Pensions Act, 1937

Applications for dependants' allowances.

38.—(1) The following provisions shall apply in respect of applications for a dependant's allowance, that is to say:—

(a) every application shall be in such form and contain such particulars as the Minister may require,

(b) every application by a dependant relative of a person in respect of whom this Part of this Act applies shall—

(i) if such relative is a parent of such deceased person, be made within two years after the date of the passing of this Act,

(ii) if such relative is a brother or sister of such deceased person, be made within five years after the said date.

(2) Save as otherwise provided by this Part of this Act, no application for a dependant's allowance which has been refused shall be reviewed after the expiration of the relevant period for making applications appointed by the immediately preceding sub-section.