Local Authorities (Electrical Employees) Act, 1937


1.—In this Act—

the expression “local body” has the same meaning as it has in Part IV of the Local Government Act, 1925 (No. 5 of 1925);

the expression “the Board” means the Electricity Supply Board;

the expression “the Act of 1927” means the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927 (No. 27 of 1927);

the expression “authorised undertaker” and the word “undertaking” have the same meanings respectively as they have in the Act of 1927;

the expression “former undertaker” means a local body which was an authorised undertaker whose undertaking was acquired by the Board under the Act of 1927;

the word “successor” when used in relation to a former undertaker means a local body to which the general powers, duties, and functions and the officers and servants of such former undertaker have, after the acquisition by the Board of the undertaking of such former undertaker, been transferred by statute.