Spanish Civil War (Non-Intervention) Act, 1937

Certification of Red Cross units.

4.—Whenever the Minister for Justice is satisfied in respect of a body of persons (in this section referred to as a unit) serving or proposing or intending to serve with the military forces of a belligerent—

(a) that such unit is organised by or is working under the auspices of a society or organisation (whether established in Saorstát Eireann or in another country) having as its object or one of its objects the furnishing of volunteer aid to the sick and wounded of armies in time of war, and

(b) that such unit is in or proceeding to or proposes or intends to proceed to Spain or any Spanish territory solely for the purpose of furnishing volunteer aid to the sick and wounded of the military forces of the belligerents and rendering other humanitarian services to the members of those forces, and

(c) that the members of such unit will not take any combatant part in the war or render any combatant service to either belligerent,

the said Minister may issue to the society or organisation by which such unit is organised or under the auspices of which such unit is working a certificate sealed with the official seal of the said Minister certifying that such unit is a Red Cross unit for the purposes of this Act.