Spanish Civil War (Non-Intervention) Act, 1937

Commencement and duration.

2.—(1) This Act shall come into operation on such day as the Executive Council shall by order appoint for that purpose, and shall (unless continued under the next following sub-section of this section) expire at the expiration of six months from that day.

(2) So long as this Act is in force, the Executive Council may, whenever and so often as they think proper, by order continue this Act in force for such time (not exceeding six months from the date on which it would otherwise expire) as they shall think proper and shall specify in such order and, whenever any such order is made by the Executive Council, this Act shall continue in force in accordance with such order and shall (unless further continued under this sub-section) then expire.

(3) If the Executive Council do not, within one year after the passing of this Act, appoint the day on which this Act is to come into operation, this Act shall expire at the expiration of one year from the passing of this Act.

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in this section, a person may be arrested and tried and, if convicted, may be punished under this Act after the expiration thereof for an offence under any section of this Act committed or alleged to have been committed by him while this Act was in force.