Courts of Justice Act, 1936

Clearing of Court at certain trials.

79.—Whenever a person is being tried in any Court on a charge of having committed an offence which is, in the opinion of the judge or justice presiding at such trial, of an indecent or obscene nature, it shall be lawful for such judge or justice, if he thinks proper so to do in the interests of public morality, to exclude from such Court during the whole or any particular part of such trial all persons except the said judge or justice, the accused, the officers of such Court and other persons present at such trial in an official capacity, all persons engaged or concerned in such trial in any capacity, every person who satisfies the judge or justice that he is a bona fide representative of the Press and is present as such representative, and such other persons as the said judge or justice shall, at his discretion, permit to remain in such Court.