Milk (Regulation of Supply and Price) Act, 1936

Recommendations by boards for joint districts as to minimum wholesale prices of milk.

42.—(1) The board for a joint district shall, as soon as may be after the date of its establishment and thereafter at such times as it may consider necessary, hold a meeting and determine the prices per gallon which would in the opinion of the board be—

(a) equitable prices to be paid to registered producers in respect of such district for milk sold by them to registered retailers in respect of such district, and

(b) equitable prices to be paid to such registered producers for milk sold by them to registered wholesalers in respect of such district.

(2) If at a meeting of a board held in pursuance of the immediately preceding sub-section, for the purpose of determining prices, the members present (excluding the chairman) are not unanimous on the question of determining the said prices, the chairman shall decide the matter, and the decision of the chairman shall be deemed for the purposes of this Act to be the determination of such board.

(3) Every determination of a board under this section shall be forthwith communicated to the Minister.