Milk (Regulation of Supply and Price) Act, 1936

Publication of contents of registers and other matters.

36.—(1) A board may publish, in such manner as it may think fit, all or any of the matters entered in any register or registers kept by it under this Part of this Act, and notice of the cancellation or alteration of registration in any such register.

(2) No individual return or part of a return furnished in pursuance of this Part of this Act shall be published or disclosed except for the purpose of a prosecution under this Act.

(3) A board may, from time to time, collect and publish such statistical information (including statistics derived from returns made pursuant to this Part of this Act) as it may think fit with respect to the extent of the businesses carried on in premises registered in any register kept by it.

(4) So far as is reasonably practicable, no statistical information published under this section shall contain any particulars which would enable any person to identify such particulars as being particulars relating to any individual person, business or concern without the consent in writing of such last-mentioned person or of the proprietor of that business or concern.