Land Act, 1936

Times for payment of additional sums.

12.—(1) Section 51 (which relates to the times for payment of additional sums) of the Land Act, 1931 , is hereby repealed and in lieu thereof it is hereby enacted that every additional sum which is by the Land Purchase Acts made payable to the Land Commission by a purchaser on the first gale day on which an instalment of purchase annuity or of a sum equivalent to purchase annuity is payable shall be paid at such times and in such manner in all respects as it would have been payable if the said section 51 had never been enacted.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in the foregoing sub-section of this section, all instalments of additional sums for the payment of which the Land Commission has given directions before the passing of this Act shall continue to be payable and shall be paid in accordance with the said section 51 of the Land Act, 1931 , and rules made by the Land Commission thereunder.