Superannuation Act, 1936

Power to grant added years in certain cases.

28.—(1) Whenever the Minister gives under this Act a certificate by virtue of which the person to whom such certificate relates can be allowed to reckon a period of established service in the civil service of Dáil Eireann as established service in the civil service of Saorstát Eireann for the purposes of the Superannuation Acts, the Minister may by such certificate direct that whenever the period of established service of such person comes to be computed for the purposes of the said Acts, there shall be added to the period of established service which such person is otherwise entitled or allowed to reckon for those purposes such period (not exceeding in any case five years) as the said Minister shall think proper having regard to the age, length of service, and other relevant circumstances of such person and shall specify in that behalf in such certificate.

(2) Whenever any such certificate as is mentioned in the foregoing sub-section of this section contains such direction as is authorised by that sub-section, such direction shall have the effect of law and be complied with accordingly, but subject to the limitation that no person shall by virtue of such direction be entitled to any greater allowance or gratuity under the Superannuation Acts than the maximum allowance or gratuity permitted by those Acts.